About Us

Isa Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is uniquely positioned to maximize the benefits of IT in your processes. We have over 100 man-years of experience in Hardware, Instrumentation, Process knowledge, Software to undertake turn-key assignments throughout the world.

We provide end to end Automation and Software solutions. What sets us apart are our multi-disciplinary capabilities. Our solutions are not constrained by any equipment, hardware platforms or software tools. The ability to communicate across machines forms the strong foundation of all our applications.

Isa Technologies Pvt. Ltd. has always adopted a multi-dimensional approach to its core competencies. A unique technology perspective honed over a decade marks our services.

We, at ISA TECHNOLOGIES believe in



      being prompt

      anticipating customer & requirements

      learning continuously

      satisfying the customer fully, all the time.

      Our mission says it all:

People, Tools and Experience make our Expertise work for You.